• A scientific committee of authoritative members of the international neurosurgery community will reward 10.000 Euros to the most deserving publication of the year written by any young physician under the age of 40. The 10.000 euro reward will be yearly presented during an international conference.
  • To raise funds to build a "living space" connected to the spinal unit of the Niguarda hospital; this living space will accommodate: units where paraplegic and quadriplegic patients will be taught to leverage on their residual functions also with the prospect of a new professional integration, multimedia areas for various therapies (pet therapy, manual therapy, etc.) and an auditorium. The spinal unit already has a well equipped unit to cope with various problems connected to this illness but there is a need for a wider space to welcome patients during their re-entry to a completely new life.
  • To offer a psychological counseling service for all patients considering both the seriousness of the illness and where it is located: in the brain.
  • To organize a musical season inside the hospital to offer patients and their relatives moments of joy given by beauty and harmony.

Depending on fund raised the foundation will support the above projects all or in part.
Further philanthropic activities will be carried out thanks to a larger number of donations.